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2018-10-01 - We are resuming our OUTGOING COURIER services !! Effective October 1st, we have reached a new logistics agreement with MBE Balboa (aka MBE Albrook, next to Albrook airport in Panama City) ...


October 15, 2017 - PLEASE DO NOT USE OUR SERVICE TO SHIP ITEMS FOR HUMAN OR ANIMAL CONSUMPTION !!! This includes any foods, supplements, vitamins, medicines, as well as any cosmetics, lotions, cremes, makeup, soaps, shampoos, body powders, deoderants, ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Receiving Things

Sending Things

Plans and Accounts

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Receiving Things

How can I get a document or small package here from the USA as quickly as possible?

The quickest, as well as the least expensive, way that we know to get things from the USA to Bocas Del Toro is to use our MBE EBox Logistics mailbox system. We give you a personalized mailing address in Miami where you have your items shipped, using any carrier of your choosing (US Mail, UPS Ground, Fedex, etc). Then, as if by magic, usually about a week later, your packages show up in our office in Bocas Del Toro where you can pick them up.

Can I use your service to buy things on ebay or the internet?

Our service is perfect for shopping on ebay, or at the internet vendor of your choosing. Pay for the item as you normally would, using your credit card or paypal, then simply have the vendor ship the item to your custom Miami address. It will come to Bocas Del Toro via our MBE Ebox Logistics mailbox system.

How can I get a document or small package here from a country other than the USA?

Use the same address in Miami that you would use for shipping things in the USA. Have the item sent to your USA address in Miami, and it will come to Bocas Del Toro.

How much does it cost?

The basic price, for customers who do not open regular monthly accounts, is $20/kg (about $9.00/lb), with a minimum cost per pickup of $4 or $5, depending on the weight and types of items picked up.

Generally speaking, the price for weight is prorated, so, for a 1.1lb package, (1/2 kilogram), the price is $10.00.

When you have an item shipped to your miami address you also agree to pay all customs fees, duties, and taxes, as required by Panama Law for the items. We don't make any profit on customs fees. We pay them for you, and you pay us back when you pick up the item. There is no customs on documents or items under $100 in value. The typical customs costs are about 15% of the value of more expensive items.

Note that there may be additional charges for heavy or oversized items, and/or items that arrive in Miami that need repackaging or need to be sent to some other address.

You can find out more about our regular monthly plans by clicking here.

How long will it take?

Most packages arrive in Bocas about a week after they arrive in Miami. Documents often arrive in 3 days, and packages that go through customs usually take a few extra days.

We do not guarantee shipping times, so please allow plenty of time for items, especially important ones, to both get from your vendor to Miami, and to Panama and Bocas Del Toro.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We prefer cash and/or checks drawn on the local bank, Banco National, or direct Paypal payments.

How do I get started right away?

Click here, or on the "Sign Me Up" menu item, to start the process to get your own custom Miami mailing address. There are no monthly fees or obligations to use the service and you pay only for packages that actually arrive in our office in Bocas Del Toro. Use it as much, or as little, as you'd like.

How does it all work?

MBE (Mail Boxes Etc) is a fully owned division of UPS (United Parcel Service), the worlds largest shipper. UPS created another division, EBox Logistics, in Miami, specifically to handle the demand for inexpensive and rapid shipment of items to Latin America, including Central America, and specifically, to Panama.

Virtually every day, a special UPS plane is loaded with packages bound for Central America. It flies to Tocumen Airport in Panama City each night where it is unloaded. A subdivision of MBE, MBE Central America, has an office at Tocumen Airport, and the next day they walk your package through customs, as needed, then put it on a truck. MBE CA has two full time drivers and trucks stationed in Panama City. The truck drivers take the packages for Bocas to Allbrook airport (also in Panama City), and put them on a plane to Bocas Del Toro.

Then, each day, a MBE Bocas employee goes to the Bocas airport and picks up the packages. We process them into our office and send you an email. When you are ready, you come to the office and pick them up.

Are there restrictions on what I receive at MBE Bocas?

Yes, there are restictions on what you can ship via the MBE Ebox Logistics system. Some things are obvious, like the prohibition on shipping flamable liquids, guns, explosives, etc, but others may not be quite as obvious. As all items are shipped by air, Ebox adheres to the TSA prohibited items list that you would find on any normal domestic or international plane flight. Plus other things are restricted specifically by Panama customs.

Please see our list of prohibited items for more details.

Can there be any other cost or charges involved?

Yes. Items sent to the Miami address can incur extra charges, especially if they are heavy (over 60lbs), or large (over 48 inches in any single dimension, or the sum of their sides is greater than 92 inches).

Items shipped via our service may be charged a dimensional or volumetric weight which is calculated by multiplying the three dimensions, in inches, and then dividing them by a factor, 366, to come up with the weight in kilograms. So a package, for example, that has a TV antenna, that is 4x4x48 inches might only weigh 1kg, but would be assessed a dimensional weight of:

    (4 * 4 * 48) / 366 = 2.09 kilograms

In addition, if an item arrives in Miami in damaged packaging, or in damaged condition, then it may need to be repackaged for shipment. In this case you will be notified and asked to approve the costs of repackaging.

Am I responsible for prohibited or damaged items that arrive in Miami?

Yes. We cannot accept responsibility if a prohibited or damaged package arrives in Miami.

If a prohibited item cannot be shipped to Panama, you may have the option of having it reshipped at your cost to another address in the USA. In all cases, there is a charge for this service, including if you request that we have it returned to the vendor. The re-shipping is pricy, via Fedex, and we recommend strongly that you avoid sending prohibited items to Miami.

If an item arrives in Miami in damaged packaging, or the item itself is damaged, we will notify you and work with you to resolve the problem. If the item can be re-packaged in Miami, then, with your confirmation, for a service charge, we will have it repackaged for shipment. For example, if there is a shipment of 4 bottles of olive oil, and it arrives in Miami with damaged packaging, leaking olive oil, but three of the bottles are still good, you may elect to have it repacked and the three bottles sent on to Panama, at your cost.

Note that Miami accepts, and signs for, everything that arrives at the door, and packages cannot be automatically (or inexpensively) returned to the vendor, even if they are damaged. Any packages that need re-shipping from Miami to an address within the USA require special handling and extra costs will be incurred.

Sending Things

How do I send a document or package to the USA or some other country?

We offer reliable and secure air courier shipments to the USA, or virtually any other country in the world, via Fedex, DHL, and UPS.

Which is better, Fedex, DHL, or UPS?

The shipper you choose is up to you. Each may have certain advantages, depending on the objects you are shipping and the destination you are shipping it to. We note that Fedex is usually the least expensive alterative for documents and packages under 1kg, but that, at 1kg+, DHL becomes the more attractive alternative in a lot of cases.

How much does it cost?

The prices vary by the courier chosen, the object being shipped (it's weight, mostly), and the destination being chosen. The prices fluctuate slightly from month to month based on fuel prices, but generally stay the same relatively, between couriers. Please come by the office with the item you are shipping for an exact quote.

How long will it take?

Using an air courier from Bocas adds about one day to what you would get if you walked into the fedex/dhl/ups office in Panama City and shipped the same item. We put the packages on the plane to Allbrook airport each day, the next day they are picked up by the courier.

We normally tell our clients to allow 4 working days to the USA or Europe.

Are there any restrictions on the kind of things I can send?

Yes, there are restrictions on what can be sent via Fedex, DHL, and/or UPS. The restrictions vary by courier and destination country, but a rough idea can be had by looking at our list of prohibited items. Note that shipping documents is completely different than shipping items, and does not generally require any customs forms.

What other documentation might be needed?

Please note that you are doing an international shipment. As such, except if you are shipping documents, you are making a customs declaration for each package you ship, both for the export from Panama, and the import into the destination country. This means, at a minimum that we will have you sign a pro-forma invoice for your items, that we will create for you when we ship your item.

Other, specific, documentation may be required for certain items, including, but not limited to, medicines, plant or animal matter, electronics devices, clothing, and so on. We will help you prepare this documentation as necessary.

I cannot find my Fedex, DHL, or UPS item in the online tracking system. Where is it?

Tranquilo! ... Usually this means you have to wait another day or so. Sometimes the packages are not entered into the online tracking system by the courier immediately (or the website is not updated immediately). We have seen cases where the package did not show up in the courier's online tracking system until after they were delivered!

We check on each and every package that we have sent via Air Courier, every day, ourselves, in the office, until we see that it is safely in the courier's online tracking system and delivered to the appropriate destination.

Our reputation, as well as your needs, are on the line with every package you ship via us, and so we take outbound air courier shipments very seriously!

Plans and Accounts

What mailbox plans do you offer?

By default, we offer the no obligation, "Occasional" account, described above at and with our recent occasional pricing announcement. But for clients who use our service regularly, they may save money by using one of the following 'regular' monthly plans:

Plan Per Month Includes/Notes Addl Kilos
Occasional No monthly fee! $20/kilo, prorated by weight
Documents under 1/4 kilo rounded up to nearest dollar. Minimum pickup of $4/$5
Plan 'A' $20/month 1 kilo per month $17.50/kilo
Plan 'B' $35/month 2 kilos per month $15.00/kilo
Plan 'C' $60/month 4 kilos per month $13.50/kilo
Plan 'VIP' $108/month 8 kilos per month $12.00/kilo

So for instance, if you decide that you don't want the obligation of a monthly payment, you can still have that important boat part, or document, sent to you ... you just pay a little bit more. As an "Occasional Client", you pay a minimum of $4.00 for a single regular letter sized envelope, or $5.00 for a single manilla envelope upto 1/2 lb. Anything over 1/2 lb is prorated at $20/kilo (which is about $9.06/lb), so, for example you would pay about $18.12 to have a 2 pound package shipped to you here in Bocas.

However, if you use our service more than a few times, then it may be to your advantage to sign up for one of our monthly plans.

Pick the plan that works best for you!

What are the advantages of having a regular mailbox?

"Regular Clients" with monthly plans save money two ways. First of all, they don't pay the $4/$5 minimum pickup fee, nor the 'rounding up' of letter/envelope prices. ALL of their mail is prorated at the per/kilo price, period. Secondly, the price per kilo drops substantially for "regular" clients.

So, for example, with our Plan 'B', which includes 2 kilos per month, and additional kilos at $15.00/kilo, if you receive a 4 lb box and 10 letters each month, having the plan would save you over $65 each month compared to an "Occasional Client" without the plan!

Note that you can, if you wish, sign up for an "occassional account", right now, today or tonight, on this website, get your custom Miami mailing address via email, and begin to immediately order things online, from ebay or the internet vendor of your choice, today, tonight, or in the next few days!

If you wish, you can then stop by our office at your convenience and sign up for a monthly plan, as long as you do so before the items arrive, which usually takes about 2 weeks (one week from the vendor to Miami, and another week from Miami to Bocas).

What is the minimum commitment if I sign up for a plan?

There is a minimum commitment of 3 months. We will ask you for a three month deposit when you sign up for the plan. You cannot change, or cancel, your plan during this three month period.

This 3 month commitment is also re-applied when you change plans. If you change from plan A to plan B, for instance, you will have to wait three months before changing your plan again, or canceling your account.

The only exception to the 3 month commitment is for "occasional clients". If you have not signed up for a regular monthly plan before, then you may sign up for one AT ANY TIME. You will need to pick up and pay for any packages that are already in the office, or enroute, at the $20/kg "occasional" price, but will subsequently be billed at the price of the plan you signup for.

Note that your deposit will be retained until you close your account, and you will still need to pay your monthly bill each month!

How do I signup for a regular plan with a monthly account? I don't see it anywhere on this website!

At this time the website is not built to register new users as other than "occasional" clients, at the $20/kg price. In order to sign up for a regular monthly account, you will have to come by the office to sign a contract and make the initial 3 month deposit.

In certain cases we may be able to handle your request to sign up for a regular montly plan by email, IF you can sign and return the account contract via fax or scan/email, and can make the initial deposit to us online via Paypal. Please contact us for more information.

In the future I hope to modify this website so as to allow you to directly sign up for a regular monthly plan online.

How does the monthly billing cycle work?

This is an important question, and it is important that regular clients understand the answer.

As a regular client with a monthly account, you do not pay anything when you pick up your packages. You just stop by the office, sign for them, and away you go!

On the last day of each month, we total up your bill, and print a monthly statement and put it in your box. If you have a credit balance going into the billing cycle, then any funds on account, as available, are used to pay your bill, before we print it.

At that point in time, we also upload your monthly statement to this website (see your Accounts page, if you have a regular account), and we hope to soon also be sending it to you via email.

On the 1st day of the following month, your bill for the previous month becomes due and payable. We strongly prefer if you pay your bill with the 1st 15 days of the following month!

Can I pay for my account in advance?

Yes lol! You can pay as much "ahead" as you wish, and we will do all of the accounting, to the "T", for you.

Please note that your initial deposit remains on file, and is not applied against your bill.

Apart from that, we use any credits sitting in your account to pay your bill each month. So you can add to that at any time you wish.

For example, you can approximate what it might cost, for instance, to keep your account paid up for 6 months, and place that on deposit with us, but the actual amount you are billed depends on how much you use the service, so the amount you give us might not last 6 months!

In all cases, we will always be scrupulously honest with your money, and will do our best to keep you informed of your account status, but it remains your responsibility to ensure that your account is paid up to date!

Do you have an automatic billing plan?

No. Effective August 15, 2013 we have eliminated our automatic payment plans

However, it is fast and simple to pay your bill online, on this website.

Just go to your Account page, and click on the Make Payment button near the bottom of the page.

Other Services

What other services do you offer?

Mail Boxes Etc Bocas Del Toro focuses on getting your important packages to and from Panama and Bocas Del Toro, as quickly, and cost effectively as possible.

As of January 1, 2015, we no longer offer general photocopying, printing, or other services, except to our clients in support of shipping and receiving items in Bocas Del Toro.

Can you help me Print, Sign, and Fax a document?

Yes The exception to the rule is that we will help you if you need to Print, Sign, and Fax a document.

If you can get to your web-based email from one of our in store computers, or bring the document in on a stick or CD/DVD, we can print it, have you sign it there in the office, and we can fax it a specific telephone number.

Sorry, but we do not offer incoming FAX services.


Can I intercept, re-route, or refuse an individual package via the Miami address?

Generally speaking, the answer is No. It is beyond the scope of the system to stop a package in transit or intercept it at any point and re-route it to another address.

You are responsible for everything that is sent to your Miami address. Likewise, you must pick up everything in the office when you pick up anything. We do not allow for partial pickups by clients. You cannot "pick and choose" what mail you wish to receive and pay for.

Therefore we recommend that you be very careful who you give this address to and what you decide to have shipped there.

Do you offer package consolidation or repacking services?

No. In essence, the Miami mailing is a courier service, like the US Post Office, or Fedex, and does not do any kind of package consolidation or repackaging. What is sent to the address is sent on to Panama.

It is your responsibility that items that arrive in Miami are well packed for international transport with proper customs documentation.

Can I have something shipped to Bocas COD (Cash on Delivery)?

No. We do not accept COD (Cash on Delivery) shipments. You must pay for the item and the shipping to Miami before it ever enters our system.

I only have cash. Will you buy things for me on the internet?

No. Unfortunately, for better or worse, at this time, MBE Bocas does not provide this service for our clients. In order to buy things on the internet, generally, you will need a credit card, paypal account, or some other way to pay for the items yourself.

Can I receive a DHL, Fedex or UPS shipment at MBE Bocas?

No. At this time MBE Bocas Del Toro is not an official DHL, Fedex or UPS destination.


MBE Bocas Del Toro ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY for items you attempt to ship directly to Bocas Del Toro via DHL, Fedex, UPS, the Panama Postal Service, or by any other courier, vendor, or service.

If you attempt to send a package directly to Bocas Del Toro, it will most likely get stuck in Panama City and it will be YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to contact the courier (DHL/Fedex/UPS,etc) in Panama City and arrange for the transport of the package to Bocas.

Having said that, the best way to receive a Fedex or UPS shipment to Bocas Del Toro, is to have it shipped to your custom Miami mailing address, that you establish with us by signing up for an "occasional account" or opening a regular account with us.

Can I receive a document or package from Panama City or somewhere else in Panama?

No. Sorry. At this time we do not deal with domestic mail or any other forms of delivery within Panama.

How do I get a large or heavy item here from the USA or another country?

The eBox Logistics system is geared towards smaller, air frieght packages. Any single package over about 60lbs or 72" in any dimension is too big or heavy, generally, to be transported via this system.

MBE Bocas does not currently offer any other forms of shipping. At this time there is at least one company in Bocas, Power Buy Group, that rents space on shipping containers from Miami, and there are a number of other services in Panama City that can help you with your larger freight needs.

Can you do "Ship In Transit" customs clearances?

No. At this time we do not do "ship in transit" customs clearances. All items entering Panama via MBE Bocas Del Toro are assessed at regular customs rates.

What are the typical customs fees for things?

The typical customs duties and taxes run between 7 and 22 percent, depending on the classification, by Panamanian customs, of the items in the packages. We make no profit on customs fees and merely pay them for you ahead of time so that you can pay us back when you pick up your package(s).

There are no customs charges on packages containing items with a total value under $100.

For packages over $100 in value, Panama Customs always charges a 7% ITBM tax and a duty amount between 0 and 15% of the value, depending on the classification of the item.
Currently, high tech items like computer are coming in with 0% duties, but are still required to pay the 7% ITBM Tax. Clothing, on the other hand is currently being assessed a 15% duty, in addition to the 7% ITBM tax. It's very complicated and apart from the above two classifications, we really never know what will be charged until the item arrives in Panama and is inspected by Aduana at Tocumen airport.

There can also be additional levies for things over $2000 in value, luxury items and so on, but we don't see those very often.

We also charge a $3 service fee for filing the forms necessary for your items to clear customs. Therefore the total customs charge, duties, taxes, and fees, are about $3 plus between 7 and 22 percent of the value of the items for items over $100 in value.

Can you give me an exact quote of what it will cost to receive my package?

No. We can tell you precisely how much you will pay for the weight (the shipping) of the item, but when it comes to customs fees, we never know until the package gets to Panama what it will cost.

The only other thing to note is that we, MBE Bocas Del Toro, do not make any profits on customs fees, taxes, or duties. We pay these costs as they arise, and you pay us back for them when you pick up your package (or pay your bill as a "regular client").

You have our word on that we will not profit from customs fees, taxes, or duties. This makes sure that it is in our interest to eliminate or minimize those costs for you ... so you'll use the service more!

What documentation might I be required to provide?

If you ship, or plan to ship any food, food supplments, medicine, drugs or any other items that are intended to be consumed by humans, please see this Important Note regarding AUPSA Clearances

At a minimum, we may ask you to provide an original invoice or packing slip from the vendor you purchased the items from, or that you create yourself, as an official declaration of the value for Aduana.

This is not only true for any items you purchased new from an internet vendor on ebay, but is also true for any used items you may be personally shipping, or someone may be shipping to you on your behalf, or any gifts you receive at this address.

Regardless of the nature of the package, it is viewed as an import to Panama, and will be scrutinized by Aduana at Tocumen airport, and may require an invoice or packing list.

If you are shipping used items to Panama, be sure to include (or have your mom, friend, or agent include) a packing list (in the package) with a reasonable declaration of the value of the items in the package. The value does not have to be the retail value of the item, but it must be reasonable. And be sure to indicate clearly on your packing list that the items are used if they are so.

If such an invoice or packing list is not in the package when it arrives at Tocumen airport, then it is very likely we will be contacting you, asking you to provide one, via email.

Other types of shipments may require additional documentation. Of particular note, prescription medicines typically require a copy of the prescription, made out to the addressee on the package. Any live plants or seeds must be accompanied by a valid export certificate, available from the United States or other customs services. Other kinds of specialized shipments may require other documentation. If you are not sure, please consult our prohibited items list, or call us, send us an email, or stop by the office.

If you are shipping an item from the USA or another NAFTA country, and wish to include a certificate of origin, please note that Panama Customs prefers you use a specific spanish language version of the COO form. This form is available by clicking on the following link:

Panama version of NAFTA Certificate of Origin Form

I did not receive a package I was expecting, can you find it?

The short answer is "usually". If it arrived at the Miami address, we can usually locate and retrieve it, even if it was otherwise mis-addressed to another name, or is missing or addressed to the wrong PTY Number.

But it really helps if you have a tracking number!

Why do I need a tracking number for things sent to Miami?

If an item is shipped, and you are looking for it, the first thing is to ensure that it made it to our facility in Miami. The tracking number allows you to verify that the vendor shipped it, and that we recieved it.

Please note that our facility in Miami accepts and signs for everything that arrives there, regardless of who it is adressed to.

If an item arrives in Miami, and it is missing your unique PTY number, then there is still a chance that they can connect the package to you via your name. They will compare the name on the package to all of the MBE clients in Central America. If your name happens to be unique, and is found, exactly as spelled, in the database, then they will forward the package to your PTY number.

However, if the PTY number is missing, and there is more than one person with your name, or it's slightly mispelled or different on the shipping label, then they cannot forward the package from Miami, and they hold it in retention.

We (MBE Bocas Del Toro) get a list, by email, of about 100-200 such retained items each day. So, each day, we go through that list, by hand, and look for any names that seem familiar, or to find specific pacakges that we might be looking for. It's a slow and laborious process and subject to error.

If we have a tracking number, on the other hand, we can easily search that list for the tracking number, and positively, and quickly identify that package as yours and get it moving again!

So, we always recommend that clients get tracking numbers for the items they ship to Bocas, particularly if the item is expensive, or important (credit cards, passport applications, etc)!

Is there a limit on the time my items can stay in your office if I don't pick them up or contact you?

Yes. If we don't hear from you, and you don't pick your package up within 60 days, MBE Bocas Del Toro reserves the right to dispose of your package as it sees fit.

This is not as bad as it sounds, though. As long as you call us at 760-8230, contact us via email, or via this website, or stop by the office and tell us about your travel plans, let us - know when we can expect you - we will hold your packages, basically, as long as you want.

But a fair number of people apparently sign up for the service, receive one or two things, or end up receiving magazines, catalogues, and/or junk mail for years, and never stop by to pick it up (or pay for it) or contact us in any way.

So we reserve the right to clean our office every so often!

Just call us or email us and it won't be an issue!

Likewise, it is worth noting that in the case of the "retained mail" (lost items) described above, that eBox Logistics in Miami has a policy of destroying unclaimed mail after 60 days.

What is a PTY number?

Your PTY Number is part of your custom address in Miami, and is also your account number with us, whether you are an occasional client (with no monthly fees or obligations), or a regular client (who pays a monthly fee for a physical box and lower per-kg prices). For example, in the following address:

John Brown
225NW 114th Ave, Unit 1P
PTY 98989
Miami, FL, 33192-4177

The PTY Number is 'PTY 98989', and is very important. The 98989 portion identifies a particular client (you), and the PTY itself says to send the package to Panama (PTY is the airport code for Tocumen International Airport in Panama City).

Please also note that as of August 1, 2015, our zipcode changed to 33192-4177. Please use the new zipcode if possible. If you have a problem using the new zipcode, you can also try it without the the 4177, or you can still use the old zipcode 33172-4177, which will continue to work, with our without the 4177.

What is a Guia?

Each package that arrives in Miami is assigned an unique internal tracking number that we call a guia. "Guia" is the spanish word for guide. Given the guia of a package, regardless if the package has a tracking number from the original shipper, we can identify and track your package as it makes it's way through the Ebox/MBE system from Miami to Panama.

We will sometimes refer to the guia of a package in an email to you, so that we know we are talking about the right package.

Can I send a document or package to Panama City or somewhere else in Panama?

Sorry, but no, you cannot send documents or Packages within Panama at this time, at least not through MBE Bocas Del Toro, although this may be a service we decide to add at a future time. The public Panama Post Office is located in Bocas Del Toro, exactly one block west, on the next corner over, from our office, and they sell stamps, and will accept your post cards or other mail for Panama or for international delivery, as the case may be.

Why don't you use the Panama Postal System?

We do not utilize the Panama Postal Service in our business operations, because we have found the service to be highly unreliable with regards to timing and delivery. Packages have disappeared, and/or appeared months, or even years late.

A funny story happened a while back, around March. A woman came in the store and said she had just received a Christmas card via the Panama Post Office. I thought to myself, "that's not too bad, a couple months", and then she said "it's from the previoius year!" and we both broke out laughing :-)

Are there any other places I cannot send packages?

Besides our restriction that we do not ship within Panama, there are some obscure limitations on places that you cannot send Fedex, DHL, or UPS shipments to, some very small out of the way countries or locations that these services will not deliver, or for which they have a surcharge for out-of-the-way delivery.

Otherwise, basically you can ship from Bocas Del Toro to any civilized place in the world, including the nearby countries of Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, etc, as well as certainly including the USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, and so on.

How do I ship a large or heavy item to the USA or someplace else?

We are not aware of any generalized services that offer shipping of large or heavy items from Panama to the USA or, or any where else, for that matter. Though there are services specifically tailored to helping ex-pats get items to Panama, we don't know of any that go the other direction. Our recommendation would be to check in Panama City, which hosts a large port facility, or Colon, both of which probably have a variety of heavy freight services available.

What happens if I forget to make my regular payment(s)?

Your payment is due by the 15th of each month. If you don't pay it sometime within that month, at the next billing cycle, the amount from the previous month will be considered "overdue". We will tell you so on your statement, and/or may send you an email to remind you.

It is a standing policy that any accounts that are overdue must be paid up before clients may pick up any more mail!!

If you then don't pay us, or contact us in some way, again for yet another month, at the next billing cycle, we will again say so on your statement, and/or send another email and/or call you on the phone to remind you.

If a third billing cycle passes and you do not contact us, and/or pay us any past due amounts, we will make one last attempt to get ahold of you via email or telephone. If we fail to contact you within the first few days of the following month (the third month since we heard from you or you paid us), we will close your mailbox, suspend further service from Miami, and hold your mail in accordance with our other policies.

Can I close my regular account today?

The basic answer is no. We require, per your contract, at minimum, 30 day notice in writing in order to close an account. This has to do with the billing cycle and the fact that we cannot give you a final bill in the middle of the month.

In addition, newly opened or changed accounts cannot be closed for 3 months after the initial opening or last "plan" change. This policy is to keep people from abusing the accounts ... from signing up for accounts just to get better rates for one month.

What are your electronic privacy policies?

Our privacy policy is more completely laid out on a separate webpage, but generally speaking, we will do everything in our power to protect your private information.

We will not give your email address or phone number to a third party for any reason, with the one exception that we have to give your email address to the main Mail Boxes Etc office in Panama City (Central America), in order to register your PTY number.

As a result, you may receive occasional emails from or a website called "el mundo tu mall". It is easy to de-subscribe from these pages, by clicking on the links at the bottom of any emails they send you.

Otherwise, we will not give your email address to anyone. Also, just for the record, any financial information like credit card numbers or your account status, will be treated with even more confidentiality, and only utilized in strict accordance with your requests for automatic billing, and in agreement with your service contract.

We, MBE Bocas Del Toro, reserve the right to send you emails informing you of your account status and/or policy changes. We will provide opt-out technology, via this website, at some point in time, for other emails including the once-a-month news letter, and/or package notification emails.

Are your policies, plans and services subject to change?

Yes, our policies, plans, and services are subject to change.

We reserve the right to change any of our in-store prices or services such as copying, laminating, and so on, at any time.

We reserve the right to introduce new mail service plans, and to change the available plans for potential clients at any point in time.

For clients with regular monthly accounts, we reserve the right to change the account pricing, per kilogram prices, weight cutoffs, and/or plan availability, with a written notice of not less than 60 days, in writing, in your box, and/or accompanied by an email. For newly signed up, or recently changed clients, as per your commitment, we also commit to not changing our pricing structure for your account for the duration of your initial commitment, and 30 days thereafter.

We reserve the right to change our occasional client pricing plan at any time, subject to 30 days notice given on this website, and via other marketing materials available in our office or elsewhere on the internet.

In all cases, this means that we will not change our prices for anything you have previously shipped ... anything that is in the pipeline ... and will give you, basically, enough notice to make up your own mind if you want to continue to utilize our service.

If you are unsatisfied at any point in time with our pricing or policies, you may, as a "regular client", cancel your account with 30 days notice, or as an "occasional client", simply cease to utilize our service.

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