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April 7, 2017 - NO LIVING THINGS! or tobacco, for that matter. There are general prohibitions (as well as environmental concerns) about the international shipping of living things ...

June 19, 2016 - Completed move of website to a new server. Due to some obscure techinical requirements for paypal, and the fact that we had not upgraded our webserber for over 4 years, ...

May 8, 2016 - New AUPSA Regulations for Food, Supplements, Vitamins, and Medicines As of Apri 1, 2016, Panama customs (Aduana) has begun to more rigourously enforce AUPSA regulaltions regarding the import ...

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Prohibited Items

This page shows a list of the items that cannot be shipped to MBE Bocas Del Toro via the EBox Logistics system, and/or that we know are not allowed by Panama Customs (Aduana). Note that this list is very similar to the TSA list for things that you can carry on a plane, but also contains items that are specifically prohibited by Aduana.

  • Tobacco of any kind
  • E-Cigarettes and/or related products

  • Firearms
  • Firearm parts like scopes, cartridges, ammunition, an so on
  • Knives except for ordinary kitchen knives
  • Razors
  • Swords regardless if they are for collection, toys or decoration.
  • Bows and arrows regardless if they are for sport, collection or decoration.

  • Corrosive, inflamable, or toxic liquids or chemicals, or items that contain them.
  • Gas lighters
  • Alcoholic beverages except for beer and wine.
    Please use secure and appropriate packaging when shipping any liquids!
  • Oil based paints. Water based paints may be shipped, but must be securely packaged for shipment.
  • Car or motorcycle batteries cannot be shipped, unless they are in special packaging intended for shipping, from the original vendor.
  • Batteries - there is a restriction on the number and weight of batteries that may shipped in a single package. The rules are complicated, and depend on whether the batteries are shipped inside another item, or shipped by themselves, but basically, a single package may not include more than 8 (eight) AA (double A) batteries or an equivilant amount in weight ... which is roughly 4 four "C" cells or 2 "D" cells.
  • Lithium Metal Batteries - are preferentially shipped if they are in original manufacturer packaging along with the item that that uses them. There may be additional charges and delays for any other shipments containing Lithium Metal Batteries. Please see our news release on these items.
  • 3 or more bottles of Perfume in a single package. Up to two (2) bottles may be shipped in a single package, so larger quantities can be split up between multiple packages as needed.
  • Compressed Air. Items that contain compressed air or other gasses, including spray cans, oxygen tanks, and so on, are prohibited from shipment.
  • Dampers (shock absorbers or struts that use compressed air) can only be sent with special permission from EBox Logistics. Please contact us for more information.

  • Living Things, including animals, insects, micro-organisms, living tissue samples, or any other living thing is prohibited, generally, from international shipment.
  • Live plants, seeds, or flowers without a plant certificate cannot be shipped. Please contact your vendor or the the United States Customs Service for information on how to obtain a valid USA exportation certificate for live plants.
  • Perishable items - including any fresh fruits, vegetables, or meat, that might spoil during shipment

  • Items of gold or containing precious stones
  • Cash or anonymously negotiable financial instruments like bearers bonds or cashiers checks that are not made out to a particular person or company. Cash or equivilants are subject to seizure, and we accept no responsibility for them should you choose to ship them!

  • Unknown liquid products, in powder or gel form. Note that well packaged gels and liquids such as Cosmetics or Juices in their original labelled containers may be sent
  • Dried or fresh herbs in plastic wrapping or bags. Note that well labelled containers (bottles, shakers, etc) from the original manufacturer may be shipped.
  • Drugs or anything that might be considered a drug by Panama customs, unless accompanied by a valid doctor's prescription, made out to the person on the package label.

MBE BOCAS DOES NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY PACKAGES CONFISCATED BY PANAMA CUSTOMS OR DEEMED TO BE UNSHIPPABLE BY EBOX LOGISTICS IN MIAMI. Please note that although we (MBE Bocas) do our best to inform you about what is prohibited or not, we are not responsible for, and cannot change, this list of prohibited items. And please note, it is subject to change, at any time, by EBox Logistics in Miami, and/or Panama customs officials, at their discretion. Attempts to ship items on this list will likely result in additional fees, in order to have the item re-shipped from Miami to another location in the USA, and/or the items being confiscated by Panama Customs.

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