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April 7, 2017 - NO LIVING THINGS! or tobacco, for that matter. There are general prohibitions (as well as environmental concerns) about the international shipping of living things ...

June 19, 2016 - Completed move of website to a new server. Due to some obscure techinical requirements for paypal, and the fact that we had not upgraded our webserber for over 4 years, ...

May 8, 2016 - New AUPSA Regulations for Food, Supplements, Vitamins, and Medicines As of Apri 1, 2016, Panama customs (Aduana) has begun to more rigourously enforce AUPSA regulaltions regarding the import ...

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Mail Boxes Etc Bocas Del Toro strives to offer you the services that you need in Bocas Del Toro! Although we are oriented strongly towards shipping and receiving items, we also offer a range of services for individuals and small businesses in the Bocas area.

Our primary function is to provide a small package delivery service for the residents and vistors to Bocas Del Toro. Whether it's for ebay or internet shopping, or to get a renewal or replacement for your lost or expired credit card, to get your yearly ship's document, or that hard to find boat part, or for a host of other reasons, people need to get things from the USA or other countries to Bocas Del Toro securely and quickly. We believe that our eBox Logistics delivery service is simply the best answer for getting your things to Bocas Del Toro on time!

We also pride ourselves on being a designated Fedex, DHL, and UPS drop off location, and can help you ship that important document or small package to virtually any place in the world!

As far as in-store services, we offer photocopying and printing in quantities large and small, we can scan your documents up to 11x14 legal size, and put them on your memory stick, a burnable CD or DVD, or email them to you. We have a Laminating Machine and materials to do laminations up to 8x10 in size, and a ring binding machine to produce bound presentations, pamphlets, up to 8x10 and 200 pages in size. We also have a fax machine (currently only for outgoing faxes), and can help you with the common print, sign, and fax cycle so that you can handle those important documents to your insurance or loan company, or for any other reason.

And if we can't do it in our office, then we can probably find someone to help you. We work with Mail Boxes Etc in Panama City, to do larger jobs, including printing posters, book binding, presentation artwork, and more!

So we hope you'll let us, Mail Boxes Etc, Bocas Del Toro, be of service to you. Thanks!

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